Me in Taiwan

  • Honoring the legend of Kano

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    • National Chung Cheng University, Min-Hsiung Township, Chiayi County
    • AuthorOmorova Meerim
    • NationalityKyrgyz
    • Enjoying a bright and warm sunset at National Chung Cheng University, at the gates of the magnificent gymnasium that welcomes everyone, and hosted by our pet, which is a lovely baseball player cat! This icon represents two cultural traits of the city where I live. First, the cats are the traditional animals of Minxiong County, and are saluted by gorgeous statues of cats along the main avenue. Second, Baseball is a true landmark of Chiayi, where the film “Kano”, based on real accounts of a relevant chapter of Taiwan history, was recorded, and some scenes where documented at CCU.
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