Me in Taiwan

  • Until the Seas Run Dry and the Rocks Crumble

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    • Shihtiping (Stone Stair Terrace), Fengbin Township, Hualien County
    • AuthorChan Poh Sen
    • NationalityMalaysia
    • Mien Ming and I have been to many places. We always spend our holiday travelling together, visiting attractions. Eastern Taiwan is wonderful, there are lots of beautiful sceneries like mountains and sea views that let us travel around with the lowest budget – as the beautiful natural is free so we don’t have to pay for any tickets. We started our first day of the year 2016 at Shihtiping. It is an exquisite and beautiful attraction. We listened to the sea breeze, waited for the sun rise, though the cloud is too thick so that the first light of the day was hidden in it.
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