Me in Taiwan

  • A very Happy Day

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    • Danshui Fisherman's wharf, Danshui District, New Taipei City
    • AuthorGamier Evangeline Genese
    • NationalityPhilippines
    • It was my first time here, my heart filled with joy and gladness when my friends brought me there. When we go down to the river side my eyes are wide open. I love the river, any form of water nature, the mountain view added to its attraction. We enjoyed the picture taking everywhere because there is really a nice view. We enjoyed eating the food on the street way. We even bought and try the black pork sausage, it is looks weird for us but it is true delicious. And my happiness added when they said we will go to take a ferry boat to go in other place. Oh my I love that idea because i haven't experienced to ride even once before. My experience and feelings that day was so unforgettable, very memorable. I like and enjoy the long high bridge that connect us to other side because the view there is quite amazing.. the view from top that everybody will love. That hotel that build elegantly in the middle looks like castle, it is really stunning. Actually i visited this place 3 times already, I brought my other set of friends there for them to see and enjoy the beauty of the place.
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