Me in Taiwan

  • A garden of peace and love

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    • Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Taipei City
    • AuthorGamier Evangeline Genese
    • NationalityPhilippines
    • Though it’s my 3rd time here, I always feel amaze as its always have new look to attract people. Of course it's not the Memorial hall that has change, but the heart capturing views around it, that i called A garden of peace and love. I said peace because i had my peace of mind while i am looking the flowers beauty in each colors and kinds. A love because I am always glad you walk on its trees alignment just like u are walking in the Aisle. Plus the Memorial hall that proudly standing high. With its high stairs that when you reach the top is you can see more amazing and beautiful view. Not to mention the Special events they hold every time. Surely i will come back and recommend this place.

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