Me in Taiwan

  • South Area

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      1. AuthorDesriana Maya Sari Tarigan
      2. The Happiness During Study in Taiwan I am a master degree student in National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. This pictur
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      1. AuthorHirigoyen Alexis
      2. Between blue and green My friend and me meet this cool guys during our trip on the road, by chance. We quickly became fri
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      1. AuthorRaphael Thembinkosi Bhembe
      2. Me and Yang Yang At Yang Yang's coffee shop
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      1. AuthorFernando Diputra
      2. Hogwarts Express in Taiwan This picture I took with my girlfriend really reminds me to one of favorite movie called Harry Pot
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      1. AuthorMarcelo Solsona Navarro
      2. MY SON LYO, ME & OUR LITTLE FRIEND Picture taken just one week after landing in Taiwan for the first time. Travelling from Taipei to
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      1. AuthorLystcov Aleksei
      2. Love is what drives us to Kenting Each time we have a chance to escape the city Kenting comes to our mind first. The place is unique
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      1. AuthorPaola Andrea Urrutia Ragga
      2. MY BEST JUMP Coming to Taiwan with my husband was really a huge jump, a complete change of life and a very good
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      1. AuthorFeisal Dirgantara
      2. Rise up and salute the sun! Sunrise is the symbol of birth once darkness drifted away above the sky. Alas, unlike sunset where
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      1. AuthorLystcov Aleksei
      2. Underwater world from above on Hsiao Liouciou Island Hsiao Liouciou Island is in close proximity to Taiwan. It doesn’t appear to be any special from th
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      1. AuthorJiří Líbal
      2. Man in Ocean god´s pools waterfal Feel so relaxed after small river hike in hot summer weather, lying in cold crystal clear water an
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      1. AuthorYuki Ohashi
      2. Outside activity of National Cheng Kung University of Chinese center (near the Green Magic School) We participated in outside activity of Chinese center. A teacher guided us to the Green Magic Scho
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      1. AuthorAltamirano Nasta Liliana Berenice
      2. It's Taiwan~! Show happiness with your expression.
        Bear responsibilities with your shoulders.
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      1. AuthorOmorova Meerim
      2. Beshbarmak @Taiwan Taiwan breathes its culture and its citizens are so proud of their nation, as I have personally wi
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      1. AuthorRaphael Thembinkosi Bhembe
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      1. AuthorOmorova Meerim
      2. Honoring the legend of Kano Enjoying a bright and warm sunset at National Chung Cheng University, at the gates of the magnific
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      1. AuthorOndřej Líbal
      2. Nice view in Longpan park The Longpan park is park which spreads along the southeast coast of the Taiwan. Scenery with amazi
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      1. AuthorPua Fu Wei
      2. Freedom

        In this beautiful day, 

        Under the warm sunsh
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      1. AuthorTiffany Ong Teng
      2. Taiwan, a cute island in the heart of Asia Living in Taiwan, a place away from home, paved the way for me to try out new things I wouldn't no
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      1. AuthorWang Xiao Yue
      2. Tanayiku With my Taiwan friends, in the mountains, spent two days, arrived at this place,Tanayiku. Along the
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      1. AuthorOmorova Meerim
      2. A tale of pilgrims After my visit to Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Centre located in Kaohsiung, and wandering through
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      1. AuthorHirigoyen Alexi
      2. Dinosaurs are back! My school organized a trip to Kaohsiung in order to discover some good places. I was really suprise